“I am a noble peasant. A sentry of tradition. A principled intellectual. A Gen X antiquarian. An orthodox Orthodox Christian. I am nothing, except for Christ.”

Father Joseph Lucas is an Orthodox Christian priest, theological scholar, and practical philosopher. He received his PhD. in Theology from the St. Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegan, and his MDiv. with Distinction in Patristics and Church History from St. Tikhon Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Father Joseph is the author of Prayer of the Publican: Justification in the Desert Fathers. He is a Senior Editor of Rule of Faith Journal. He is also presently working on a popular presentation on patristics, as well as a monograph based on his research in patristic exegesis

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To contact Father Joseph for speaking engagements and academic contributions, email him at joseph.lucas@protonmail.com.